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The Army of Sweden 1802-1814    W. J. Rawkins  Revised Edition 2015


THE ARMY OF THE KINGDOM OF SWEDEN 1802-1814 (New Revised Edition)was originally published in 1978 and was substantially revised and updated with a wealth of new material when the new e-book edition was released in 2013. In particular a lot of new information was added into the chapters concerning the army and regimental organisation which I feel has added considerably to the usefulness of the volume.  The artwork for the original e-book edition was almost a direct reprint of the 1984 revised edition and was illustrated with mostly black and white line drawings from that edition.  This new 3rd Edition corrects some minor inaccuracies in the text and includes the colour artwork which was not used in earlier versions and adds some 100 new illustrations created for this edition, in particular the chapters on regimental flags have been updated and enlarged with over thirty new colour illustrations.
107 pages